Tree Services Company in Rosedale, NY

When it comes to tree services, it’s what we’re all about! Day in and day out we specialize in all types of arboriculture based services in and around Rosedale, NY and Queens County.  Our certified tree service arborists are trained in all areas of tree care from pruning to removals; we can handle anything! Some of the services we provide to our residential and commercial clients include tree removal, tree pruning, ornamental pruning, trimming, branch cutting, deadwood removal, sap removal, storm tree damage cleanups, hazardous tree inspections, lot clearing, land clearing, tree planting, tree disease control, spraying, tree analysis and much more. Don’t worry, all of our technicians are not only experienced but fully licensed and insured to provide you top quality Queens tree work.

Hazardous Tree Inspections in Rosedale, NY

Trees can become major hazards to people and (or) property if not cared for or at least inspected annually. We provide a thorough service known as hazard tree inspections for residential and commercial customers looking to assess how healthy they’re trees are. We’ll start by sending a tree technician to your property to check out your trees and try to find any trouble spots.  We’ll also look out for things like exposed roots, diseased bark, rubbing or crossing branches and support issues. If we find anything suspicious, we’ll get back to you and see if we can setup another time to fix your tree issues.

If you have any questions or would like to setup a free on site evaluation, call us at (718) 974-1063. You can also reach Queens County Tree Removal via our contact form.