Tree Services Company in College Point, NY

When it comes down to performing affordable, efficient and professional tree services within College Point or Queens, we truly know how to get the job done properly. Our tree removal technicians utilize any and all skills necessary to tackle any type of tree service. We specialize in tree removals but also provide tree pruning, trimming, shrub trimming, stump grinding/removals, land clearing/lot clearing, tree transplanting, planting, tree disease control, spraying, deadwood removal, storm tree damage cleanups and hazardous tree inspections. If you have questions about getting any of these types of tree services done on your property, feel free to call us at (718) 974-1063 or shoot an e-mail over. We promise that a certified Queens County Tree Removal rep will get back to you in a prompt manner.

College Point, NY Tree Removal

Queens County Tree Removal conveniently possesses all of the equipment necessary to remove your tree in a precise, efficient manner.  Besides the expert work of our tree climbers, we operate with cranes and bucket trucks to get the job done properly. Some reasons you’d want us to cut down your tree include:

  • The tree is dead, dying, or un-safe
  • Tree structure is unstable
  • Branches are falling
  • There are exposed roots all over place under the tree
  • Tree is diseased and/or infested by insects
  • Tree has outgrown its area
  • Tree is storm/drought damaged

College Point, NY Tree Pruning

Pruning is a vital service needed for your trees. Most people don’t realize that trees are not capable of taking care of themselves. They need to be continuously groomed and pruned.  We prune trees for a number of different reasons.

  • For a safer environment
  • Increase in stability
  • Remove dead/diseased/decaying branches
  • Increase light penetration
  • Increase air flow
  • To remove wild growing branches

If you’re in need of tree pruning, tree removal or any other type of tree service in College Point, e-mail us or call (718) 974-1063 for a free estimate. We’d love to hear from you.