Tree Removal in Queens, NY

Tree removal can be a very dangerous job, so it’s important that you find a trusted company to pull off a safe, quick and efficient removal for your home or business.  There are plenty of different reasons as to why trees may need to be removed.

Reasons for Queens Tree Removal

The three D’s (Dead, Dying, Diseased): Unfortunately your tree may be one of these three. If this is the case, it could pose a huge threat or liability to people around it or your property. You can’t really do anything with dead trees except to remove them. Our tree experts can examine your dying tree to see just how much we can remove to make the area safe again. Diseased trees can be treated, but this is also something we’d need to inspect. We have a wide amount of knowledge regarding Queens tree disease control.

Storm Damaged Trees: Storms are one of the biggest reasons that trees get damaged or fall down. Thunder, rain, snow and ice are all mitigating factors. During the winter, the weight from snow on weak branches can destroy your trees. Depending on the extent of damage to your trees, we have structural support services we offer so we can save your tree. Our employees can also remove and clean up dead branches or those in danger of falling.

Problematic Tree Roots: Tree roots are a common problem on residential or commercial properties. Sometimes they can interfere with a septic system, crack pavement/sidewalks or grow into the sewer.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent the roots from growing and interfering with other elements of infrastructure. The best way to erase this issue is to remove the actual tree.

Additions/Renovations: Many people that buy a home dream of one day renovating or extending their home. In many cases, tree(s) are blocking the way. Not only do we specialize in Queens lot or land clearing, we will also remove your trees to make way for the extension and plant fresh, new trees in other spots.

Outgrowth: There are many situations and places where a tree will outgrow its growth area. Have you ever seen tree branches that are hanging or leaning on a roof? How about power lines? Many times, we don’t need to remove the entire tree.   Our tree trimmers can shape the tree or trim the problem-branches so they no longer interfere.

Comfort: You’ve probably read in the news about the dangers of trees falling on homes or property. It can be a complete nightmare.  There are plenty of people whom own property where a large tree might be in danger of falling or swaying in violent motions during bouts of wind. This is about peace of mind.  If your curious about your options or don’t want to necessarily remove the tree, we can provide you with a hazardous tree inspection.  We can do a thorough inspection of the tree to determine any weak points on your property or if there’s any risk of it falling.

Tree Stump Removal in Queens, NY

Tree stumps are typically left over after a tree’s been removed. Not only are they unsightly to look at, they can also a pose a liability to any foot traffic around or near them.  They’re risen usually a foot above the ground, in the dark or areas with little light they can be a big problem. People walking probably won’t see the stump and may fall. This could be a huge liability if you’re a business owner and it’s on your commercial property.  If you have children, this could be very risky for your children. They most likely do a lot of playing or running around the yard. They could fall and hurt themselves frequently with tree stumps sticking out of the ground.

We have two unique methods to removing tree stumps. The first includes a chemical treatment. This definitely takes a lot longer to rot away the actual stump. Our most common procedure is utilizing a stump grinding machine. This industrial equipment will dig inches below the surface of the stump instantly to remove it. After that’s done, we can apply soil and sod. Once we’re finished, it’ll appear as though there was never a tree there!

If you need tree or stump removal or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Queens County Tree Removal at (718) 974-1063