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Tree Pruning in Queens, NY

Tree pruning is a very important part of keeping your trees looking beautiful and being healthy on the inside and outside. We tend to think that Mother Nature will take care of everything for us, but unfortunately this is not the case. Trees need regular maintenance or care in order to keep they’re natural shape as well as stay healthy. We provide all different types of tree pruning for different tree species. Sometimes our service is corrective and most other times it’s preventative.  The biggest reasons for tree pruning include:

Safety: Our tree pruning experts will inspect your entire tree and work to remove branches that may be dead, broken or in danger of falling. Huge branches falling could be a nightmare you don’t want to deal with in the future.

Health: We’ll do the necessary work to remove disease ridden or infected bark, wood or branches from the tree. We also thin the tree’s crown to increase airflow. This has plenty of benefits but the biggest being a reduction in pests.  Once we’ve done our work and removed crossing or rubbing branches, the tree has much better protection against potential storm damage in the future.

Aesthetics: Some trees can grow for years and years with little or no pruning. They consistently maintain they’re shape and that’s it. Others need pruning done to maintain they’re shape.  We have years of experience pruning and shaping hundreds of other trees and working to help them retain their natural shape. We can do the same for you.

Queens NY Tree Pruning Methods

We use a couple specific techniques for different trees. A few that we commonly use include:

Crown Reduction: This is one of the most common Queens tree pruning procedures that we use. It involves our tree pruning experts trimming the ends of branches throughout the crown usually in a bid to stop them from outgrowing their area. So when we get a call about a tree growing into a roof, windows or power lines, this is the first procedure we think of.

Crown Thinning: This involves removing secondary and small live branches within the crown. It can reduce the density of the crown without reducing the shape and form of your overall tree.  It also allows more light to pass through the crown and can lessen the weight or pressure of heavy branches.

Crown Lifting:  Our tree experts will remove the lower hanging branches on your tree. This is definitely more useful for allowing a clearer walking path or space for objects below the tree. It’s also for permitting more light onto the property.

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