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Tree Pruning in Queens

Did you know maintaining a healthy, beautiful set of trees on your property can increase your overall property value? No worries, most people didn’t realize just how important a service such as tree pruning could be. We have years of combined experience trimming and properly pruning Queens trees so they remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Stump Removal in Queens

Need a tree cut down that might be interfering with power lines? How about a tree that’s already fallen and needs to be removed for safety reasons? Whatever the case, we have all of the necessary equipment and a team of trained experts at your immediate disposal. Tree removal in Queens is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Tree Company in Queens

Trust us, we’re here to help with any Queens, NY based tree service needs you may have. This includes tree pruning, trimming, tree removals, disease control, analysis, spraying and hazard tree inspections. We’re fully insured and members of the BBB.

Why Choose Queens County Tree Removal?

They always say that when something’s done right, it always shows through in the final product. In our case; our customers love the work that we do! We’re a small, owner operated and Queens County based tree Care Company that gets to work with Mother Nature on a daily basis. So in a nutshell, we really love what we do.

Our specialties include tree removal, stump removal, hazardous tree inspections and tree pruning. These are the most common services we provide to residential and commercial clients throughout Queens and New York City. Other than these, we have an entire suite of Queens tree care services we also offer include, tree analysis, land clearing, tree disease control, spraying, tree planting, storm tree damage cleanup and of course emergency tree removal.

Our Queens, NY based Tree Services

Queens, NY Tree Removal

Whether you’ve got situations where a tree has grown into a neighbor’s yard, power lines or it’s fallen due to a severe storm; we provide expert tree removal. When looking for a tree removal company, this isn’t something that you should take likely. Always make sure that whomever you decide to call, they’re insured, and experienced. Tree removal in Queens is something that needs to be planned out accordingly and prepared for in a safe way.

Queens, NY Tree Pruning

Wondering, how can I get my trees to look as wonderful as my neighbor’s? We’ve got the answer for you and it’s simply known as pruning. Queens’s tree pruning is a set of corrective and preventative procedures we utilize in order to not only make your tree(s) healthy but to shape them into beautiful, natural structures.  If you’re not sure what type of trees you’ve got on your property, feel free to call us for an on-site consultation. One of our experts can check them out and present you with an expert proposal on how to craft the trees of your dreams.

Queens, NY Stump Removal

Any half-decent Queens tree care company will remove a stump after it’s done removing your tree(s). Unfortunately in this day and age, people get lazy. Tree stumps can be quite the hazard. If you’ve got a lot of foot traffic in the particular area of where your stumps are, people can trip or fall over them. We use a variety of different methods that can remove the tree stump effortlessly and at no hassle to you.